Published Work


  • The Wrong Story”. Unbound. March 2017. Print.
    (ISBN-10: 1911586114; ISBN-13: 978-1911586111)

Short Stories & Flash

  • Early Days”.
    • Not In The Plan. Carers UK. November, 2017. Print (ISBN: 978-1-5272-1729-4).
  • Coming Out Of The Upstairs”The Pygmy Giant. November, 2017. Web. Read it here.
  • The Fire-Diver’s Assistant”.
    • Rattle Tales 4. Rattle Tales Ltd. June, 2016. Print.
    • London Journal of Fiction. March, 2016. Web.
    • Rattle Tales; Brighton Festival Fringe.  May, 2015. Live reading.
  • The Therapist”.
    • Rattle Tales 4. Rattle Tales Ltd. June, 2016. Print (ISBN: 978-0-9932080-2-7).
    • No One Should Have To Care Alone. Carers UK. March, 2016. Print (ISBN: 978-1-873747-53-7).
    • The Pygmy Giant. September, 2015. Web. Read it here.
  • A Rare Bird”. The Pygmy Giant. December, 2015. Web. Read it here.
  • Textual Harassment”. Flash Me Fiction Magazine. Volume 7 Issue 28. 30 April 2010. Web.
  • Connor And His Amazing Ejector Boots” (voted number one feature story). Flash Me Fiction Magazine. Volume 7 Issue 26. 31 August 2009. Web.
  • Speed Dating”. Flash Me Fiction Magazine. Volume 5 Issue 20. 30 April, 2008. Web.


  • Crowdfunding Your Novel“. Writers Reign Magazine. April, 2016. Web.
  • Central America”. Which Travel. January 2013. Print.

Prizes & Commendations

  • The Beast“. British Fantasy Society Short Story Awards 2017. Highly commended.
  • Early Days“. Carers UK’s Creative Writing and Photography Competition 2017. Highly commended in the short story category.
  • The Therapist“. 2015 Carers UK Creative Writing Competition. Third place prize winner.
  • The Money Launderer’s Box Of Rubbish”. Real Writer 2005 Short Story Awards. Winner of Southern Section.

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